Imagery and GIS Best Practices For Extracting Ingformation From Imagery


Imagery and GIS  Best Practices For Extracting Ingformation From Imagery

Kass Green
Russell G Congalton
and Mark Tukman

Esri Press
Redlands, California

First Edition




Section 1Discovering Imagery 

Chapter 1 Introduction 
Chapter 2 Thinking About Imagery Chapter 3 Imagery Fundamentals 
Chapter 4 Choosing and Accessing the Right Imagery 

Section 2Using Imagery 

Chapter 5 Working with Imagery
Chapter 6 Imagery Processing: Controlling Unwanted Variation in the Imagery 

Section 3 Extracting Information from Imagery 

Chapter 7 Understanding Variation on the Ground—the Importance of the Classification Scheme 
Chapter 8 Digital Elevation Models 
Chapter 9 Data Exploration: Tools for Linking Variation in the Imagery to Variation on the Ground 
Chapter 10 Image Classification 
Chapter 11 Change Analysis 

Section 4 Managing Imagery and GIS Data 

Chapter 12 Accuracy Assessment
Chapter 13 Managing and Serving Imagery 
Chapter 14 Concluding Thoughts