Geology libya by Hassan Salem Hassan (Swalem to his family)


 Geology libya by Hassan Salem Hassan (Swalem to his family)


This set of pages introduce the geology of Libya and its petroleum resources with links to maps and cross sections assembled from a variety of publications and geological sources by Hassan Salem Hassan (Swalem to his family), for his PhD geological studies at the University of South Carolina and his academic adviser Christopher Kendall. General Setting The evolution of sedimentary basins of Libya was controlled by tectonic movement that included:
 A compressional early Paleozoic Pan-African event
 The Hercynian Orogeny
 Extension related to Cretaceous, middle Tertiary and Holocene events starting with the southern Tethys and evolving into the Mediterranean Libya has five major onshore sedimentary basins, they are:
 Sirt Basin
 Murzuq Basin
 Kufra Basin
 Ghadamis Basin
 Cyrenaica Platform
 Tripolitanian Offshore Basin

2010 A.D


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