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Satellite images, Land Cover/Land Use, Forestry, Fire, Geophysical, Soil and Biodiversity) and allows the user to visualize layers (maps) and to generate statistics to describe the areas of interest. Some of these layers (such as the European Space Agency’s Climate Change Initiative Land Cover, the Global Forest Change tree cover loss, Extreme climate, and others) allow users to access multiple time periods. Earth Map thereby gives users both a temporal (accessing time series data) and a spatial (visualizing maps) perspective to their areas of interest.

Google Earth Engine (a cloud service with access to petabytes of information) gives Earth Map the capacity to run statistics on the fly on several metrics like temperature, precipitation, burned areas, tree-covered area, among others. These statistics can be executed on any device in a matter of seconds, regardless of the device’s computational power. Statistics can be aggregated at different time frames (yearly, monthly averages and monthly time series) and different time periods.

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